From Burnout to Chillout

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About The Book

Life is full of surprises. While some are amazing, others can completely knock us off our feet. A few years ago, Emma Mathews was working in a demanding professional role, living up to the expectations of others. When she was in a pattern of giving all her time and energy away – and not giving herself enough time to fill her own cup – burnout arrived and floored her.

Initially, she struggled to accept what was happening, and wanted to hold onto her usual energetic, giving self. But burnout had other plans. It told her she had to change NOW, which led to her greatest personal transformation.

The modern world is a busy place and often we forget to etch out vital time to look after our own needs. Self-care seems out of reach when the responsibilities of work, kids, family, and expectations control our lives. Busy with multiple competing commitments, we can spiral into a negative cycle of constantly giving. In her book, Emma shares her personal story of burnout, in a calm and courageous voice.

Stop Giving Start Living is a powerful story of personal discovery and transformation as Emma reveals her experience of burnout and journey to recovery. She shares her sure-fire chillout hacks so you can recover and start to live life fully again. Professionals and mamas at risk of burnout will benefit from Emma’s honest insights and real-world solutions, to empower them to overcome burnout.

About The Author

Emma grew up in rural Tasmania, where she enjoyed picking fresh apples and strawberries from the garden, bushwalking and summer camping trips at the beach with her siblings. She developed a strong connection to the Tasmanian landscape and passion for creative writing during those early years, immersed in nature.

Emma’s love of the natural environment led her to study science at the University of Tasmania, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science with Honours. She then started a professional career in Canberra and dedicated many years to her work, until it unfortunately ended in burnout.

Emma now enjoys a much slower pace of life and works from home as a freelance writer, author and mama.  When she gets time to herself, she loves to write poetry, read Australian fiction and relax at the closest beach.

Emma is passionate about helping professionals and mamas realise a better way of managing the mix of work, kids, family and expectations in today’s busy world. Knowing that burnout can happen in the blink of an eye, Emma wants to reach out to those who are overworked and overwhelmed, to help them de-stress, restore and refocus on a path to relaxation and self-care.

Even with so many demands pulling us, Emma believes we can reclaim the life we want and give back to ourselves, to prevent burnout.

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